Private Schools vs Public Schools

Private vs Public Schools

School days are coming and you haven’t decided yet on where to enroll your kid? Should you pick public school over the private school? Well, the tales for public schools versus private schools are going for almost forever. It seems like it’s never ending for years already. But the things is, what is really the differences between the two?

What are their advantages and disadvantages? Well, to make things easy for you, we wrote them down below. So, keep on reading this article to know more about it.


Advantages & Disadvantages

TUITION FEES – When it comes to tuition fees, public schools have the advantage as it is funded by the government and taxes. Most public schools are cheaper and free because they are being paid by the government using local taxes. On the contrary, private schools charge every aspect of their programs and take no public funding. So, if you have enough budget, then you can go to this one.
SCHOOL ADMISSION – The difference between public schools and private schools when it comes to admission is that sometimes getting into a private school is a lot harder. In fact, private schools can choose whether to allow certain students for admission. While in public schools, all students are allowed regardless of their religion, abilities, and other factors.
STUDENT POPULATION – When it comes to the student population, Private schools usually have a lot of smaller classes than public schools. Wherein, teachers can focus and communicate clearly with the students. On the contrary, public schools are composed of larger classes which sometimes make learning a lot harder due to the big population of students.
SCHOOL GOVERNANCE – This is the great main advantage of private schools, they have the freedom to develop their own curricula because they do not use public funds. On the other side, public schools are using curricula that are only designed for all students.
TEACHER’S CERTIFICATION –This is another ace for public schools. Public schools only hire certified teachers. This certification shows that the teacher met all the requirements and teaching practices. However, in most private schools, they allow teachers to teach without a teaching certificate.
DISCIPLINE – Discipline in public schools and private schools are handled differently. Discipline in public schools is usually governed by the due process and the constitutional rights. While private school discipline is governed by the contract they signed at school.
SAFETY – When it comes to safety, public schools are a lot safer because all the buildings and places are carefully controlled and monitored. Unlike public schools where the population is too big to supervise.
In the end, both schools have their own advantage and disadvantages. All you have to do is pick the right one that will fit the needs of your child. If you are looking for a Montessori learning center, then just visit the Montessori Fort Lauderdale: New Generation Montessori Children’s Academy. We are one of the best private school Fort Lauderdale.

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