Four and five years old Entrepreneurs

Happy mother’s day

Practical life is real life. One of the things we include at New Generation Montessori Academy is the use of real life to plant seeds of knowledge on our children.

For mother’s day we created an special project to honor the moms, but also it was an opportunity to create an special project for Practical Life and Entrepreneurship: For our older kids, they were able to create from a recipe a Facial Scrub. There were three different recipes: Brown Sugar & Honey; Coconut, Sea Salt & Oil; and Oat Meal & Brown Sugar.

From this Practical Life project, besides refining fine motor skills, they were able to learn about things they can do with simple ingredients and how things sold at stores are made. Every big brand, started with a little idea, and also, at some point, money can be made from producing and selling products.

Entrepreneurship, can be learned at early age from practical life situations. How? By understanding our surroundings, learning how to recognize an opportunity when it passes in front of you, and intentionally doing entrepreneurial projects, The result may be a more open mind that seeks opportunities to develop something new.