Join us this 7th of December 2016 to our Early Childhood Conference 2016

Every child is born with great potential. What can we do as parents to help our children to reach his maximum potential?

December 7th. Join us in a dynamic and interesting conference that will enrich your knowledge about your child.


  • 7:00 Welcome by Arturo de la Mora
  • 7:10 Movement by Amy Carroll
  • 7:40 Environment by Dora de la Mora
  • 8:00 Limits & Respect by Tania Diaz-Leon
  • 8:20 Dynamics by Paulina Diaz-Leon
  • 8:40 Philosopy by Arturo de la Mora
  • 9:10 Dismissal

Presented by:

Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll


Amy Carrol got a degree on Ealry Education and Gymnastics. She is passion about education combining the movement with the mind development. She continues learning about Montessori and general education.
Dora de la Mora

Dora de la Mora

Founder/Director NGMCA

Dora de la Mora is a Preschool Director and a  Montessori Guide. She has been involved in Montessori Education since 1996, with a degree in Early Childhood Education and as Montessori Teacher. She is the founder and director of New Generation Montessori.
Paulina Diaz-Leon

Paulina Diaz-Leon

Operations/Teacher at NGMCA

Paulina Diaz-Leon  is in charge of operations at NGMCA and she graduated from Nova University as Marketing Specialist. She has a creative mind to produce special activities for children and a unique way to suprise the little ones with special activities.
Tania Diaz-Leon

Tania Diaz-Leon


Tania Diaz-Leon is a Preschool Montessori Guide. She has been Montessori student since she was 5 years old. She got a degree as Preschool Montessori Teacher and also got a Director’s Credential certification. She continues learning more about education.

Free admission!

Space is limited. Please register today by calling 954.784.2757 or sending email to to secure your space. This will be a very enriching experience that may impact the future of your child. Free snacks and refreshments will be served.