The Montessori kindergarten year: A foundation for life!

Montessori kindergarten it is the endpoint of a  3-year cycle. It is a pivotal year.

It belongs to the second sensitive period, from 3 to 6 years old. It’s the final year of that cycle. The first-year it’s like planting a seed the second year is watering stand comes and the leaves come in and the third year is when you see the beautiful flowers. The third-year is when everything synthesizes it comes together and children are really at an empowering level.

Kindergarten Montessori helps a child to be always learning and be excited about learning and not be afraid to tackle pretty much anything that comes your way. Who doesn’t want that?

A Montessori classroom is set up for children to take responsibility we’re trying to instill in children the idea that they are equipped with the tools of learning. The environment it’s a discovery world! When you discover something. It’s yours that knowledge belongs to you because you discovered it and kindergarten students are doing that. They are just amazed by what they’ve done and that is magic.

During the kindergarten year, they acquire autonomy and that means that they are free to choose the work that they’re interested in learning about. To miss that would be missing the most important piece of the cycle that’s like taking the cake out before it’s finished.

Mastering the Montessori classroom at kindergarten means that you’re actually applying to scale in teaching others what you know because it’s mixed age groups in the classroom and the kindergarten students are like the teachers. They enforce love, honor, and respect. 

That’s why the Montessori kindergarten year will be: A foundation for life