Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2022

Summer is almost here! Our summer camp offers the child the opportunity to continue working with Montessori materials, while at the same time exploring new areas, trying out and developing new skills, getting involved in hands-on projects, and enjoying time with friends. Our bi-weekly themes will allow the child to continue their Montessori education experience through the use of Montessori lessons and materials, science experiments, cooking, and art. Our authentic approach to summer combines physical and emotional development with exciting endeavors. Don’t let the excitement and inspiration of summer pass your child by, enroll today!

Bug’s Life

Who’s ready for some creepy, crawly fun?! In session 1 our students will transform into entomologists as they explore and discover amazing bugs and insects. We will learn about life cycles and metamorphosis through interactive stories, hands-on activities, sensory play and bug-tactic arts and crafts. Students will use their art skills to create their own bug-inspired tie-dyed shirts.

Session 1 – 06/13 to 06/24

Around the world

Prepare your passports because this week we’re journeying around the world! Each day campers will explore traditions, cuisine, art, culture, and geography. Our multi-cultural week will offer your child a global perspective of the world.

Session 2 – 06/27 to 07/08

Under the sea

Come join us under the sea this week as we journey into the unknown depths of the ocean! This week we will learn all about marine life and may even discover some strange new creatures that live in the deep blue sea!

Session 3 – 07/11 to 07/22

Color me Happy

Explore the dazzling world of color! During this one-of-a-kind, hands-on art camp the children will investigate how color works through science experiments, vivid works of art and colorful games. We’ll get messy as we learn about artists from the past to the present.

Session 4 – 07/25 to 08/05

Cooking Session

Let’s get our hands dirty as we learn about gardening! A garden is a grand teacher as it teaches patience, and careful watchfulness and encourages an attitude of conservation and respect for nature. Our campers’ green thumbs will be put to the test as we plant our garden this week.

Session 5 – 08/08 to 08/12